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Chronology in History

This morning in History, Year 5 have been developing their chronology skills by displaying key events in Anglo-Saxon history.

Firstly, the children had to order a number of events before evaluating their significance, so to help choose only the most important event to display on their timeline. The children then accurately demarcated these events on their own scaled timeline. This utilised their understanding of numbers, place value and rounding.

Ready, Steady Cook

This morning, Year 5 joined the whole of Heygreen for a fantastic healthy eating session hosted by our school kitchen. The children discovered lots of interesting information about healthy eating, the food groups, your five a day and making sensible choices with food. 

This was followed by a cooking demonstration headed by Year 5 and 6 children where they had fifteen minutes to create a tasty but healthy meal. 

Primary Sources in History

We have started our new History topic by interpreting a variety of primary sources to create an initial impression of who we may be learning about. The children had to make enquiries, interpret the sources they were given and draw conclusions regarding who we are focusing on and what we know about them.

Evaluating Maths Games

Year 5 were today developing their mathematical fluency by playing a range of Maths games.

The games focus on developing key arithmetic skills, use mathematical langue including odd and even, improve reasoning and building collaboration; the children had to evaluate what skills they’ve had to apply and write a short review of their session.